Monday, October 12, 2009

Gizmo now available from Chefknivestogo !!

The Gizmo, which is the most precise sharpening device available, is now being sold through Chefknivestogo.

Gizmo Knife Sharpener

I invented this device and use it as one of my techniques for knife sharpening.

It is capable of operating in three modes.

The most precise mode is with the stone passing over the knife, with the stone placed at a set angle above the knife. The angle may be set at any angle from zero to approximately 45º, in precise increments as fine as 0.1º. The knife can remain in one position, not requiring any knife movement during sharpening, affording maximum consistency, far greater than can be achieved using unguided hand sharpening. This allows you to produce consistent, strong edges. While you can produce extremely flat edges, you can also produce convex edges, hamaguri grinds and progressively increasing or decreasing angles as well as complex triple bevels. It particularly excels in reprofiling knife edges, both traditional Japanese single beveled knives as well as Western style knives. It works well with all sorts of cleavers and various gyutos, chef's knives, etc, allowing the advanced sharpener a wide range of techniques and the most basic beginning sharpener to get up to speed to start producing precision edges that easily rival people who have been sharpening for years using traditional techniques. Far from dampening the traditional sharpening experience, it enhances your ability to concentrate on other aspects of hand sharpening while reducing the stress of trying to maintain a consistent angle.

A second mode allows you to place the stone facing upwards, set at an angle, letting you sharpen your knife by keeping it horizontal. While not as precise as the first mode, it allows more flexibility and is suited to certain knives like scimitars which have markedly curved spines.

A third mode is the traditional mode, allowing you to perform traditional freehand sharpening without removing the Gizmo from the work area. This is useful for stone flattening, refining the back sides of traditional single beveled knives or for when you just feel like reverting to being a traditionalist. It is the least precise mode.

If you have questions about the Gizmo, please contact me at .

Also try out the youtube video demonstrating the Gizmo in action to the right side of this posting.


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  1. I just bought a Gizmo and can no longer I find it. and It is not on chef knives to go. I want to put a link on my blog but cannot find a source for tis device.